Resort is mattress with the core of the F2 bonnell core and the heavy sprinkled springs (wire diameter 2.4 mm, spring height 14 cm), with a thermophilic felt coat and side reinforcement of PU foam from all sides. Extremely comfortable and breathable with extended lifetime. The core height is 18 cm, and the wrap layers and the decorative fabric with which it is coated provide additional comfort and volume. High-quality fabrics (300 g / m2) sealed with the highest quality polyester wool (200 g / m2) provide durable elasticity and full volume during use of the product. The total height of the mattress is 20-21 cm. The total height of the mattress is 20-21 cm, and for the purpose of furnishing the tourist facilities it is possible to make it at other heights.

The Resort belongs to the category of harder mattresses, and the components made of it provide exceptional comfort and airiness, practical maintenance, durability and resistance to deformation during use. It is recommended for equipping sleeping and youthful rooms, hotels and high-end tourist facilities and is suitable for people with a higher body weight (150 kg).

The mattress can be used on all types of fixed bed bases (chipboard, plywood or slate).

Available in standard dimensions: 190/200*80, 90, 100, 120, 140, 150, 160 i 180 cm. It is possible to make it out of standard dimensions.

1399 kn

1399 kn