Apartment program

The Sleep & Dreams program for equipment of apartments and other tourist facilities (hostels, motels, rural tourism, mountain lodges, resorts ...) is tailored to the needs of guests who stay in our coast or continent during the year. Healthy and (no) quality sleep during holidays is what your guests are remembering when they return to their homes. This is often crucial in deciding whether to return to you or looking for accommodation somewhere else.

Sleep quality is most influenced by the type of mattress and flooring it uses, the microclimate of the sleeping room (humidity, temperature, airiness, odor, cleanliness, etc.) and the level of other equipment and arrangements. In tourist facilities, there is a frequent change of guests who differ in their habits, body weight and height, sweating intensity and other characteristics. For this reason, it is especially important to choose the "right" model of the mattress and flooring to suit the needs of the largest number of guests.

The apartments program has been selected from a range of regular product ranges that are quality and design adapted to the category of the facility that is equipped, as well as the structure of guests and financial possibilities.