Delivery is every working day and Saturday.

  • For all deliveries in the Zagreb area (within 20 km from the center) delivery is included in the price
  • For deliveries in the entire territory of Croatia (not valid for islands) in the amount of invoices up to 3,500 kn the delivery is payable once for the purchase 150 kn (all amounts included with VAT)
  • For deliveries in the territory of the whole of Croatia (not valid for islands) in the amount of invoices of more than 3,500 kn the delivery is free
  • Delivery to the ferry port for a bill of more than 3,500 kn is free of charge, and further to the island is payable by ferry service at valid rates


These terms apply to the supply of goods to the fourth floor. For deliveries above the 4th floor in buildings without elevators or in case the goods do not fit in the elevator, an additional amount is payable. For more information, contact us at or at the point of sale where you are planning to buy the goods.


If the buyer or recipient specified in the order is not at the agreed time at the specified delivery address, the buyer will be informed by telephone and e-mail that he has failed to attempt to deliver the goods with the question whether he wants to take the goods or want to re-dispatch. Each repurchase is charged in addition to the amount of 5% of the amount of the VAT invoice.


If the customer finds that he has ordered the wrong dimension, the product can only be replaced if the product is unpacked, clean, undamaged and unused. In such a case, the buyer pays the repayment in the amount of 5% of the amount of the VAT invoice and the additional cost for the goods transport in the amount of 100,00 kn.


In the case of unpacked mattresses, the buyer pays a re-packaging of the goods in the amount of 75.00 kn for the mattress width to 120 cm, or 150 kn for the mattress larger than 120 cm. Unlike the above mentioned costs and possible difference in price, we will contact the customer beforehand orally and in writing to contact one of our employees. The invoice will be sent to the buyer at the time of delivery and, if this is not possible, the invoice will be sent by e-mail.



The period of delivery for purchased products is 2 to 15 working days for the Croatian part of Croatia, valid for:

  • all models of mattresses and toppers
  • all models of slatted basses in standard dimensions
  • all models of upholstered beds
  • all items that are not reserved and are available at the central warehouse


The delivery time for slatted bases that can be ordered in out-of-season sizes is 7 to 30 days.

The delivery time for wooden beds is 7 to 45 days.